Bantam Lake Ski Club

The Bantam Lake Ski Club of Litchfield and Morris, Connecticut was established in 1958 by a group of local water ski enthusiasts. It is the oldest, continuously operating water ski club in the United States. We are a very active club and pride ourselves on a family oriented membership of over 100 members.​


This is a good lake for water skiing, but it can get very choppy due to strong winds and boat wakes, especially on weekends.

The Bantam Lake Ski Club is a very active and recognized organization that maintains a slalom course and jump for its members only and puts on an impressive ski show every August.  New members are always welcome to join.


The Bantam Lake Ski Club’s premises are located on North Shore Rd. The official jumping ram is moored just east of Point Folly. The  slalom course with slalom buoys is laid out in North Bay. Do not touch, or strike these buoys with your boat. These are for use by ski club members only. For more information, contact