The Bantam Lake Protective Association, Inc. is a private nonprofit organization devoted to the preservation of Bantam Lake and its surroundings.​


Bantam Lake Protective Association is proud to acknowledge the following local business sponsors.  If you would like to see your business included, please contact us at or by filling out the form below.


Monday morning we found a few things bobbing around in the lake.

A Kayak, a ring and a rectangle flat floating mat. They were all off of Deer Island and probably came from either Deer Island or the west side of the lake due to the fact that the wind mostly blows things from the west to the east. If  anyone is looking for things like this please email!


Please email if you think you have lost something. 


Frank Gifford is the happy winner of the handmade kayak donated by Jeff French. Many thanks to all who entered and helped raise money for our beautiful lake. We hope everyone had a great day and we will see you all for Bantam Lake Day again next year!

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